Reason for Heavy Bleeding During Periods | causes and treatments

Reason for Heavy Bleeding During Periods

Reason for Heavy Bleeding During Periods | causes and treatments

Alia, who was only in her early forties, woke up from a nap one day, and her menstrual flow poured out like a dyke. She was so frightened that she lay down quickly because only in this way, menstrual blood flowed slightly slowly. At that time, she thought to herself: "If the bleeding is not stopped, it will really bleed to death!"

  So she had to call an ambulance to the hospital. The doctor gave her first aid with estrogen and hemostatic drugs, and said to her, "If the situation remains Out of control, you may have to have your uterus removed!"

  Fortunately, the bleeding can be controlled. Alia went to check her health immediately the next day. The western doctor said that her uterus was okay, which might be caused by a temporary hormonal disorder. In any case, Alia was still worried about 10,000.

  Alia heard from the doctor that the cause of her accident is unknown, and the only explanation is hormonal imbalance. She asked the gynaecologist again, and the explanation was that the endometrium of a woman would thicken every month to prepare enough nourishment for implantation of possible fertilized eggs. When the conception period passes and the egg are not fertilized, the level of estrogen will drop, and the endometrium will peel off, forming a menstrual cycle. If the level of estrogen drops suddenly, causing a large amount of peeling of the endometrium, the situation cannot be controlled temporarily, and a lot of bleeding will occur.

  However, why do estrogen levels (it helps develop and maintain both the reproductive system) suddenly drop? She ran to ask the Good doctor.
Reason for Heavy Bleeding During Periods | causes and treatments

What Considered more bleeding during periods?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, any of the subsequent is taken into account a symbol of heavy bleeding:

  1. Bleeding for quite seven days
  2. Blood soaks through one or more tampons or pads every hour
  3. You need to vary your pad or tampon during the night
  4. You need to double informed protection to stay from leaking
  5. The blood clots in your flow are the dimensions of 1 / 4 or lar

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Disgusting things, which we use in our daily life.

Watermelon is the culprit and the reason for heavy bleeding during periods.

   I told Alia: "When the endometrium peels off a lot, it is due to blood collapse. If it peels off slowly, the term is haemorrhage. The first aid with hormonal drugs is just a last resort. However, after the symptoms are cured, You have to look for the root cause and cure the root cause.” This “prime” can be uterine fibroids, malignant tumours, or it can be an unsound fetus and miscarriage, or other problems.

  Alia detailed the situation on the day of the more bleeding during periods: "I had a holiday that day and worked late at night the previous night, so I didn't get up until 12 o'clock that day. Walking on the street, feeling the weather was very hot and I had no appetite, so I went to the fruit shop to buy half of the watermelon and came home for lunch. In the afternoon, I still felt very tired and didn’t want to do anything. So I went to bed again. Who knew that when I woke up, with the bit pain and then sudden bleeding starts for the period. Later for some time, I kept patients and tolerant pain for some time after a few minutes I noticed that more bleeding during periods. Then consulted the gynaecology doctor After checkup he said that the main reason for heavy bleeding during periods his unwanted travel in periods time and eating the watermelon, nuts and many unwanted fruits. This causes heavy bleeding during periods.

  “It turns out that the culprit is the watermelon.”

  "Your physique has always belonged to qi deficiency (traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), spleen deficiency, and kidney deficiency. In addition to working overtime for several nights in the past, the liver qi is stagnant, resulting in excessive internal heat and bloody heat. Coincidentally, your menstrual period is approaching, but you don’t realize it. Eating too much cold food, that is, the half of the watermelon, the body can't bear it all at once, so the blood collapse occurs. Your condition can be called "cold-deficiency type blood collapse." You need to replenish, nourish the blood, and stop bleeding. At the same time, it strengthens the spleen and strengthens the kidney.

  • Medication: Codonopsis (mainly this medicine used for cancer and HIV infected), Atractylodes, (its mainly a plant used to treat for obesity, indigestion, stomach ache, bloating), macrocephaly (using heavy doses), donkey-hide gelatin, mugwort, lotus seeds, wolfberry, mulberry seeds, dodder seeds, Eclipta prostrate, etc. never use of the medication before consulting the doctor. They are highly description medicines above.
  • Causes of heavy bleeding during periods: It is not suitable to eat cold fruits such as watermelon, banana, and mangosteen and special cold vegetables such as cabbage and mustard soup. It is extremely unfavourable during menstruation.

What is the reason for heavy bleeding during periods?

  • 1. Change in Life
  • 2. Imbalance in Hormones
  • 3. Endometriosis is considered a painful situation
  • 4. Side Effects of the Medication for birth control etc..

Two categories of blood collapse

  • Deficiency-cold type:

    syndrome differentiation: Qi deficiency, spleen deficiency, and kidney deficiency. There are both blood stasis and blood deficiency.

    Life habits: like hot drinks, easy to get tired, blue face and white lips.

    The characteristics of the menstruation: light blood colour and low menstrual flow.

    Tonic needs: There is a big need.

  • Liver depression type:

    syndrome differentiation: liver fire, heat, dryness and depression. There are both blood stasis and blood deficiency.

    Life habits: like to eat cold food, red lips, red tongue. Easy to dry mouth, bitter mouth, and even bad breath. Easy to lose temper.

    Characteristics of the coming scriptures: bloody red, even with an unpleasant smell.

    Tonic needs: it is not necessary; it is exempt if it is free.

    Suitable medicines: No need to supplement, but medicines that clear heat and cool blood can be used to stop bleeding, such as lotus root juice, 
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