Effects of Drinking Hot Water Daily with honey for Weightloss

Effects of Drinking Hot Water Daily

Effects of Drinking Hot Water Daily with honey for Weightloss

Effects of Drinking Hot Water Daily, Mostly during this corona period, everyone preferred the warm water or hot water which is used daily. But most of them don’t know that at what temperature water should be boiled to drink. What method should be adopted? What are the things should add in hot water or what precaution should be taken care of while hot water? And what temperature of the water is best suitable for drinking water for good health.

Why should we boil water before drinking?

In order to disinfect the heavily polluted water. Most of the chlorine must be added to the water we drink, which causes trihaloalkane carcinogens. If the residual chlorine (bleaching powder) in the tap water is heated. It will chemically react with the organic matter in the water to produce another powerful carcinogen, trihalomethane. Trihalomethane is a powerful carcinogen that can directly act on human genes. It is also one of the most terrible accomplices of various adult diseases, chronic diseases and many diseases. Therefore, foreign countries have extremely strict limits on this content.

Mistakes while Heating or drinking hot water

Effects of Drinking Hot Water Daily with honey for Weightloss

Many people mistakenly think that "the bacteria will be removed during the "Boiling process", but they don’t know that when the tap water contains a considerable amount of chlorine and organic pollutants when it is heated, a chemical reaction will occur to produce new trihalides. Methane and other chlorinated organics. 

At what temperature water is heated or boiled

Japan’s Osaka Municipal Waterworks Bureau, known as an advanced country, conducted a boiling test at a tap water purification plant and pointed out that, when the temperature is not at 100 degrees, the total trichlorofluoromethane value and the concentration of trichloro mono carbon are both at the highest level. If the hot continues for 40 minutes after that, its concentration will drop to zero.

So in order to be safe and unpolluted drinking water. Then the water temperature should be boiled at 100-degree centigrade or 212 Fahrenheit.

May I ask who will continue to boil the water or cooked food for more than 40 minutes? Is the water you drink safe?

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Frequently asked question on hot water:

Question: Is boiled water safe to drink

Answer: Well Yes, by hot the water we are killing the harmful bacteria at a certain level.

 Question: What Temperature of water is best to drink?

Answer:  Well first water should be boiled at 100-degree centigrade or 212 Fahrenheit, then cools down it in normal Room Temperature or warm water is best to drink

Question: Boiled water kills coronavirus?

Answer: NO, hot water or boiled water will help you to kill the bacterial, not the viruses, by hot the water at certain temperature bacteria are killed not viruses and corona is a virus, not a bacteria.

Question: Why mostly during this corona period hot water is used?

Answer:  It is because warm water will kill the bacteria and keep your body and immune system good. By drinking warm water increasing the life span with deadly harmful viruses and bacteria.

Question: At what temperature Boiling point of water is good?

Answer: Researches say that hot point of water is 100-degree centigrade or 212 Fahrenheit is good for health.

Question: What will happen if someone or we drinks hot water?

Answer: If someone drinks the hot water then its internal throat gets injured the best method is to use the warm water.

Question: drinking hot water for weight loss

Answer: Well not boiled water, warm water is helpful for weight loss for best result drink warm water with honey before the breakfast meals and before the exercise to lose weight quickly.

Question: How long should you boil water to kill the bacteria, organisms and viruses?

Answer:  It’s large enough for 10-15 min of boil water to kill the bacteria and organisms. After that keep it in a clean bowl, which has a safe seal tight container on it to be protected from the bacteria and outside dust after hot.

Question: How to check the hot temperature at home?

Answer:  Well in ancient days the water is checked with steams when the steams come out of the container it means that the water is boiled. But now a day’s everyone has a digital thermometer (Temperature checker) or sensor in order to check the degree of the boiled water.

Previously Asked Questions on Effects of Drinking Hot Water Daily

Effects of Drinking Hot Water Daily. Hot water can be used in different ways, we can drink hot water with lemon, benefits of drinking hot water for weight loss, it can also be used hot water to lose weight, you can use hot water at night, hot water can also be used after exercise, let's discuss below in detailed.

Benefits of drinking hot water with lemon (nimbus honey and warm water)

The major benefits of drinking hot water with lemon are it boosts the immune system because the lemon consists of vitamin-C vitamin-B, calcium, magnesium iron and potassium which can help in curing the throat pains. It also helps to drinking hot water for weight loss

 Effects of drinking hot water daily Benefits of drinking hot water with honey

The Main Benefits of drinking hot water with honey boost the immune system and also the main advantage is that by drinking hot water with honey can helps to lose weight. Dosages:  Add 2-3 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of honey in the warm water and mix it well and effects of drinking hot wṀater daily in every morning its help to lose weight.

Benefits of drinking hot water at night

One of the best benefits of drinking hot water at night is it will keep hydrate thought out the nights it also helps indigestions. If some have the digestion problem these method is good.

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