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India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the entire world. In the past few years, the social, as well as economic development, has seen massive growth. Indian citizens no longer can find themselves just to live in their native cities. Instead, they look for even more opportunities. And they always try to settle in more culturally and economically advanced cities in the country.

Lotus Temple, India

In this article, I’m sharing with you the best cities in India. In this, I'll be taking into consideration each city's popularity, beauty & the economy, and the overall appeal. So I'm stating with one of my favourite cities is,


Hyderabad is one of the best cities in India. Hyderabad is also known as a city of pearls. It is the capital city of Telangana. It's located in the southern part of the country. And it's culturally and geographically very different from the northern states. Like Delhi and the coastal cities of Mumbai and Kolkata.

Bengaluru may be the Silicon Valley of India. But as the IT sector continues to boom in southern India. Many techies are actually finding themselves going to Hyderabad.

Language & GDP:

Now the language mainly spoken in Hyderabad is Telugu. And it has many centuries of history from the Nizam rulers all the way to the British Raj. It's a prime location for the majesty of the historical monuments and forts. If you are interested to visit historic places this is the beautiful city in India.

This can clearly be proven by the fact that companies such as Google as well as Amazon. We also have IBM they have their Indian headquarters located in Hyderabad. All this industrialization has contributed to guess these 74 billion U.S dollars of Hyderabad GDP.

2.Bengaluru or Bangalore:

Now here I’m using Bangalore mostly and it's known as the Garden City of India. Because of its greenery broad streets and the presence of many public parks such as the LA bog as well as a common park.

Bangalore is sometimes called the pub capital of India as well as the rock/metal capital of India. Because of its underground music scene and it's one of the premier places to hold international rock concerts. Now, back in May of 2012 Lonely Planet ranked Bangalore as a third among 10 cities to visit with economic growth of 10.3%.

Language & GDP:

The language mainly spoken in Bangalore is Kannada. Bangalore is the second-fastest major metropolis in India. And it's also the country's fourth-largest & fast-moving consumer goods market. Forbes actually considers Bangalore one of the next decades' fastest-growing cities that's pretty awesome for Bangalore. The city is also the third-largest hub for high net worth individuals and it's home to upwards of 10,000 millionaires.

This city is basically the Silicon Valley of India. As I just mentioned when I was talking about the previous city Hyderabad now the tech companies contribute to about 33 percent of India's. Its GDP is 22 billion US dollars.


Now moving on into another city on this list we have Kolkata. If you're like to visit India, I recommend going to Kolkata to try out the delicious local dishes.

Kolkata is a place definitely to be for food. It is the capital of West Bengal. It's filled with hundreds of years of culture as well as history. When the East India Trading Company first colonized in India, they made Kolkata their home base actually.

Then eventually it became the capital of British India. Because it was a port city with the Bay of Bengal in the East. But because of the rising sentiments against the British as well as other political tensions in the area. Then the British actually changed a capital to New Delhi back in 1911.

Language & GDP:

The language mainly spoken in Kolkatta is Bengali. And this city also boasts prolific Indian artists such as a filmmaker Satyajit Ray. He was awarded an honor of Oscar Award in the year 1992. We also have Rabindranath Tagore who wrote the Indian national anthem.

Kolkata also hosts the highest number of monuments of national importance and is also the third most-productive metropolitan area in India with a GDP of 170 billion U.S. dollars. Some global companies with headquarters in Kolkata include ITC limited as well as Allahabad Bank and the UCO Bank and with the IT sector continuing to grow in the city at a rate of 70% the city is looking towards rapid industrialization in the upcoming years.

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4.New Delhi:

New Delhi is the capital city of India. It is one of the most beautiful urban centers in the whole entire country. It has wide streets filled with luscious trees all year round which makes Delhi a quieter and more sophisticated city to its cousin city Mumbai.

The core of the city was actually designed by a British architect. And his name was Edwin Lutyens. That's why it also named Lutyens Delhi. It's located in the northern part of India where people from the neighbouring states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh come into Delhi all. To look for better-paying jobs as well as higher standards of living and so on.

Language & GDP:

The number of people living in Delhi continues to increase the city has had to expand to nearby areas to accommodate this rapid growth that is crazy. Mercer's had actually ranked Delhi as having the seventh-best quality of living in India

Delhi has gotten a bad rap lately due to its lack of security in certain areas you know dealing with women as well I don't want to get in too much with that but they say that new laws, as well as more strict police enforcement, will repair some of the damage done to its reputation. This capital of India has an estimated GDP of 167 billion U.S. dollars

The most lucrative retail market Delhi attracts the most foreign direct investment now all those cities were pretty awesome but of course we can only have one number one


Mumbai so when you think of India the first images that pop into your mind would probably be crowded streets, busy shopping centers, and noisy traffic jams well these images pretty much define the city of Mumbai. It's the capital of Maharashtra.

Language & GDP:

It's a place where you meet people from every corner of the country. The thousands of people come in every single day to the city to try and improve their lives. And being a port city with the Arabian Sea to its West Mumbai or then it was known as Bombay until the name was changed back in 1995. It has always been a busy town for sailors from all parts of the world.

Next, its shores and bringing their culture with them this could be one reason why Mumbai is the base for Bollywood which is a massive Hindi film industry. This is the commercial fashion and entertainment capital of India.

It has a GDP of 209 billion U.S. dollars. It contributes to more than 6% of the total Indian economy the three largest companies of India Reliance Industries Limited as well as Tata Group and the Aditya Birla Group operate out of Mumbai


Vishakhapatnam is like one of those gems that get lost among the big boys like Mumbai and Delhi. It's the largest city in the financial & capital of Andhra Pradesh in the south.

It's also a place with many religious and spiritual places of important sites like the Iskcon temple, The Simhachalam temple of Lord Narasimha. There's a Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple and these are all important Hindu landmarks. They attract thousands of tourists every year. This is the best city in India to visit temples.

Language & GDP:

The city is also home to the Eastern Naval Command and the naval bases for the INS Circars, the INS Kalinga, the INA Samad Rica, and the INS Dega. And it's the tenth-largest city in the country. It has a GDP of 43.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Similar to Hyderabad the main language spoken in Visakhapatnam is Telugu. But most people also understand English and basic Hindi. The city also boasts some of the country's oldest shipyards and some of the largest seaports.

Some of the most prominent businesses include steel manufacturing and fishing. However, when you are so near Hyderabad and Bengaluru It is difficult to avoid the tech boom for very long, as a result, The city has also started to develop an exploding IT sector next up at


Surat is another best city in India, and it's the eighth-largest city in India. And it's also considered to be the third cleanest city in India. It's also a port town with the Arabian Sea to its west. It explains why it often gets overshadowed By Mumbai.

Surat is known for its relaxed lifestyle and its cuisine, in fact, there's an old saying in Gujarati which Translates to have the best for one soul one must eat in Surat and die in Kashi.

Language & GDP:

The most spoken language in Surat is Gujarati. The major Hindu festivals are celebrated in Surat celebrations. They are like Navratri, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, a kite-flying festival that’s Sankranti. The city also brings in a GDP of 40 billion U.S. Dollars. This is made up mostly of the textile industry, the diamond industry, and the shipping business.

Surat is the diamond hub of the world. 90% of all rough diamonds in the world are cut and polished in Surat. The city also has more than 380 dyeing and printing mills with 41,000 power looms making it a hub for Textiles in India.


The next city I want to highlight is Pune You see, although Pune may not be considered the most heavenly place. It does seem like a breath of fresh air when you drive into it from Mumbai. This city is located in the state of Maharashtra about 150 kilometers away from Mumbai.

It's a much smaller and much more intimate City because of its location at 1,800 and 35 feet above sea level. It also has much more pleasant weather as compared to Mumbai known as the Oxford of the East.

Pune is Essentially a student town with many prominent college campuses within the city. Pune is a hot spot for young Entrepreneurship and innovation as many top-tier companies hire from these Campuses.

Language & GDP:

The young population of the city has also given rise to a busy nightlife and great pubs Where you can like really go all out have some fun in the streets with your friends. It's also interesting to find out that the game of badminton was invented here. The main spoken language is Marathi.

It's also the second-largest metropolis in Maharashtra with a GDP of 48 billion U.S. dollars. The World Bank is investing heavily in Pune to set up food and vegetable processing plants.


The next best city in India is Ahmedabad, often an overlooked city in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat. And it also used to be the capital of the state until that was changed since the city is very close to where Mahatma Gandhi Established one of his ashrams. It played a very important role in the Indian freedom struggle against the British It's the sixth-largest city in India and the second-largest producer of cotton.

Ahmedabad also houses a second-oldest Stock Exchange in India all over the industry. Here used to be mainly Farming and trading the opening up of India's economy. It has opened up a meta bad to larger opportunities in communication, Construction, and e-commerce.

Language & GDP:

Ahmedabad like all other cities in Gujarat forbids the consumption of alcohol. This was done Initially to keep up the ideals posed by Gandhi during the national struggle about living a clean life. This however does not stop people from having some fun, you know, and while the city may not have a bustling, booming nightlife like many other metropolitan sectors. Gujarati is the main spoken language.

But it boasts many cultural events and activities such as the Ratha Yatra and this happens at the Jagannath temple. The procession of Tyga during the Islamic Holy month of Muharram. It's also interesting to know that the current prime minister of India and Narendra Modi is also from Ahmedabad and this is probably why the city has a GDP of 64 billion U.S. dollars.


Now another best city in India is Chennai. Like Mumbai in the West Chennai is a very important Indian seaport in the south. It's also the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. Located on the Coromandel Bay of Bengal and it's one of the biggest cultural, economic, and educational centers in South India.

It houses many of India's largest Historical museums such as the government Museum. The Chennai and the National Art Gallery was established in the early 18th century. The city also hosts two art festivals annually. The fort museum inside the premises of fort St. George is an important museum having a noteworthy collection of objects of the British era in its collection Chennai.

Language & GDP:

It is also the home base of the extremely popular South Indian movie industry or Kollywood. These films are made in Tamil and can be as popular If not more than some Bollywood films. Coming out of Mumbai automobile, manufacturing, medical, tourism, and software services contribute to most of its GDP is 66.5 billion U.S. dollars.

The language mainly spoken in Chennai is Tamil. Chennai is the biggest Electronic exporter in India accounting for about fifty percent of the total electronic exports from India. With automobile giants like Ford Nissan and BMW and more having their headquarters in Chennai. It has earned the name the Detroit of India.

So, let me know guys actually what is your favourite city in India. And if you've never been to India you don't live in India at all well to answer this then if you were to visit India what would be the first city that you would go to let me know down below in the comment section

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