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Playing Money Games are not allowed by the Telangana Government and banned by the state governments by this decision peoples of Hyderabad are unhappy, but mostly the peoples of Telangana are addicted to playing rummy so, they took out an alternate way to play rummy in the banned state of Telangana, But it is all the illegal way but you can enjoy the games like  ace2three, rummy circle, Rummy nation, rummy culture, Rummy Opponent, ultimate rummy circle, Khelplay, junglee rummy, Rummy123, classic rummy Etc.

How to play Rummy Circle game in Telangana and A.P | Bestfacts
Disclaimer: We don’t support or endorse this suggestion. This article is just to give the information about how the peoples use this method it illegally. Use this method at your own description.
The Hyderabad state supreme court on weekday aforementioned that it'll take into account a hearing on cases filed against on-line rummy, when many women's organizations approached it to uphold the ban in Telangana.

According to reports, the plea contended that ladies were worst hit by on-line rummy because it was affecting their finances and their families.

In June, the Telangana state cupboard approved An ordinance that created on-line gamblers and promoters of those games, accountable for prosecution below a brand new law.

There is no way as of now. With the new Telangana Gaming (Amendment) Act, 2017, the game of Rummy (online) is banned. This made such game as a non-bailable and cognizable crime.

All the major online rummy gaming companies filed a petition in the Hon’ble High Court of Hyderabad Judicature seeking relief from the ban. The case, after a dozen’s times hearing, is still pending in the court.

Usually what Telangana peoples do are they simply download an App to divert their location or to change the current location by placing a fake location by the help of an App called” Fake GPS Locator” App by this it get access to play the game in the state of the Telangana but not only in Telangana you can use this method in Other states of India, Where the Rummy is banned.
Disclaimer: We don’t support or endorse this suggestion. Use this method at your own description.
Telangana Players Changes there Location by the app to Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, Vijayawada, vizag, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Kakinada or some other places of India, Where playing Rummy game is Accepted.

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As per the law it is illegal to play the rummy in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. this information is given just to for understand the concept for better understanding.

This all Rummy games can be played by the same method by changing the current location to other state GPS location where the other state country is there no Bann on playing for the rummy. It can be done by the use of Fake Location.

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Frequently Asked Question on this Rummy Topic:

1. How to play online rummy in Telangana & Andhra or why rummy cash games on Classic Rummy are blocked?

As per the new Ordinance passed by the Telangana & Andhra Government, amending the Telangana & Andhra Gaming Act 1974, online games with stakes has been banned. This effectively prohibits players from playing online rummy games from Telangana & Andhra State.

 2. I'm not in Telangana & Andhra, but my bank account is in Telangana & Andhra. Am I eligible to play & raise payout request?

You're eligible to play as long as your profile (KYC) are confirming that you are not from Telangana & Andhra, however we cannot process your withdrawal request till you change your bank account to Non-Telangana & non Andhra region.

3. Peoples Opinion is there any way to play rummy in Telangana?

  1. In simple words: BIG NO.
  2. You can’t play. Even if you try fake GPS as well, there is no option. And even if you succeed, you get caught while withdrawing the amount
  3. Playing online rummy for real money is, unfortunately, is banned in Telangana. According to the new Gaming Amendment act of Telangana, playing cash games one of any kind is banned in the entire state. So, while recreational players can continue to play free games, playing rummy for cash in banned across both live and online mediums.

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