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we're going to cover all the things you're going to want to know about sponsored posts and the difference between that and promoted posts so stay tuned we got to give them to you. Alright welcome back everybody and thank you for joining me.

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1.  Sponsored Posts

Let’s start there because you have to understand there are actually, two different types of promotions really that you can do on Instagram and you have your sponsored posts and you can promote a post now most people most businesses where they mess up is they actually use the promote post option it's not the best option to use when it comes down to advertising on these social platforms its kind of like using the boost post option on Facebook you just don't want to do it what you're going to want to actually do is use sponsored posts and people think this is really difficult but the coolest thing is we all know that Instagram is owned by Facebook so all they've done is Facebook is actually built in the Instagram advertising platform into their Facebook advertising a platform so you just go to business dot facebook.

 I think that might have been the right way I could be wrong but either way, you get what I'm saying go to that website and that's where you're actually going to manage your Instagram campaigns you're gonna go to Ads the manager inside of there and that's where you'll run them stories feed ads whatever you want to do now promote a post, on the other hand, are the ones that you see automatically.

So when you go on to Instagram on your phone and you post something on your business account. you'll actually see it right under the post if you Click on the post on your page you'll see where it says promote in blue and if you use that option it's not that it won't work but you're not going to get the best bang for your buck and the reason.


2.  Audience Targeting

 Why is because the options for targeting are limited compared to what you're able to do in business manager your audience targeting your remarketing audiences that you're able to create and use you have much more capability when you use the backend manager on desktop or laptop instead of trying to do it for mobile the only time, you would really do a promoted post is if you're out on the go and you're at an event and you don't have someone that you can get up and get a hold of at the office or something and you just need to get a promotion going out quickly to an audience in your local area that'd really be the only time I would recommend using it but outside of that's probably best to stay away so when should you actually use a sponsored post well that's actually the funny thing sponsored posts are pretty much all of their forms of advertising whether that's in your stories or on your newsfeed it's all as a sponsored post it actually says it right under the account name inside of the post okay so what you want to do is go in again to business stop facebook.com and that's where you can upload products to your store and you can sell products on Instagram you can promote I mean there are limitless amounts of things to promote you want to do reviews and testimonials you want to show authority pieces you want to show product information videos or service information videos you want to show usage videos, people, using or the benefit of using those products and services you want to show just random videos related to your industry that still relate and engage with the user something that can be funny or somehow entertaining right those.

The types of posts you really want to use it to build your personal brand to increase your visibility and awareness there are so many reasons why you would want to use sponsored posts on Instagram but think about it just like you would Facebook and you'll start to see the similarities as many things as you can pretty much do on Facebook you'll want to do on Instagram as well so the question time guys are you using sponsored posts on Instagram basically are you advertising on Instagram and not with the promote post button that little blue button that's a no-no but are you using sponsor posts if you are how are you having success why are and why not why don't you think you're having success or why are you having success are you creating really unique content targeting really really intent focused audiences or is it just you can't get anything to click and you don't know what's going on leaving it in the comments so what types of content should you use for the sponsored posts and really guys it's pretty simple number one bright and colourful something that's gonna pop when it comes across instead of blend in with everything else on the newsfeed not to mention the background on Instagram isn't very visually appealing.


3.  Showcases People

Post that showcases people why because we are people we like to see other people doing things that they like to do and the reason why is because it inspires us to do things that we want to do right so give them people to look at don't always make it about the product or the service show them that you're actually human beings and number four is just something that in general.


4.   Visually Striking

one of the best companies out there is called promo I believe and all they do is they put promos on Facebook and it's the craziest videos you've ever seen one time I saw one that was like this mummy looking thing just doing this trance looking dance and it was like you could see it like fading away so it was weird but it caught your attention and then it got me to read the message so a lot of the time your video or you're actual whatever the creative that you're using to try and capture attention it doesn't necessarily always have to be about you and that specific product or service sometimes it can be something completely random oh are you thinking about trying story ads out because we did mention them earlier if you are we put together videos on that too you know we have so check that one out right there  so what posts should you use for a sponsored post should use a ghost post or should you use one on your feet well if you're going to look at it that way if you're going to choose your feed post what I would do is I would look at your top post for probably the last two months maybe a month at the very least and I would try to pull your best post from all of the things that you've already posted from there you're going to run ads to two or three of your best posts that you've had over the last month to two months then from there the one that performs the best you're gonna keep running until it really just kind of dies out but you don't want to dedicate if this is a post that is only meant for engagement and awareness you're not gonna want to break the whole bank on that one post right whereas if it's an ad that's driving leads and you're continuously driving leads it might be worth it to spend some more money on it even if it's you know starting to dwindle down from what it was in its glory days in the beginning outside of that if you choose to go the ghost post option really this is where you need to create your campaign map now I can't show you in this video because it's gonna that's a whole other discussion but we did put a video on my youtube channel about campaign mapping which is where you actually create the entire campaign okay so go check out that video I promise you you won't regret it okay so in case you haven't seen an ad set up on Instagram or for Instagram before I just wanted to come in here and quickly show you guys how to do it we do have other videos on my channel that goes more in-depth about using ads manager so make sure to go check some of those out we have playlists for Facebook and Instagram so seriously, please check those out but outside of that all you have to do are you're going to come in click create this is one of my dummy accounts once you click create you're just gonna select an objective now not every objective works. 

I believe it is catalogue sales but only like one specific way like with stories it's something they're like pretty much every single one of the objectives work for Instagram now, in the beginning, they didn't that's why I wanted to mention that in case some of you are doing a little refresher but you'll select an objective you'll click continue after you set up your name of the actual campaign you're about to run you're gonna come in and you're you'll select all of your targeting rights, you have your location you have your age here your gender your language if you want to get language-specific so if you're targeting a country that has you know multiple languages and you only want to focus on one group you can do your detailed targeting here so if you--if we look here at suggestions we have demographics interests by behaviour so look these are all different things that we can target by obviously if you can you're going to want to use your remarketing audiences right here your custom audiences these are your saved audiences that are not saved audiences but these are your audience's that you're getting from like website traffic Facebook page or Instagram page engagement all of those people are much more likely to buy right so you'll want to take into consideration when to use those but again that's what campaign mapping is for that we were just talking about them telling you you're gonna want to check that out once you set up your audience you'll select your placements and this is where it gets to the part that's important you'll deselect all of the ones that you're not going to spend on and then we'll focus on whether we're going to do a feed or a story now I don't recommend uploading at the same time I don't even really think it's possible I haven't figured out a way to upload a story and a feed post at the same time it's probably possible but I don't know I don't do it that way anyway I always do one of the other select either feed or story and get rid of the other okay when you select story the reason why?

I say get rid of it is that look at the difference in the creative for stories right look at feed it's there's a complete difference here you wouldn't want to use your feed ads for your stories it's a completely different feel right so make sure you have the right you know so selection make sure that you're taking the right approach and not just going you know we're covering everything with the same ad that doesn't work like that alright so we're just gonna select feed ads just to keep it simple for now we'll set our budget you guys would you know go through and set up the rest of these settings here you'll set up your budget you'll set up your schedule, if you want to schedule your delivery right all of that, needs to be set up then we'll click continue once we're in here you're just gonna determine are we running a carousel add an image or a video right image an image in a video pretty straightforward you'll just upload an image or a video carousel ads it's a carousel of ads you can see right here I'll zoom in really quick so you can get a better look but it looks like this one two three ads right next to each other and the user can swipe through them ok.


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