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We've learned a lot about many different cultures and people from all around the world Countries that have had great and beautiful back Landscapes and people that are always working for the greater cause and one country that represents. This is Sweden.

We are looking at one of the most interesting countries and one of my most favourite countries, and that is Sweden. And I don't like it just for its beautiful woman, but I like it for so many other facts as well

The Netherlands vs Sweden history lets stars with Sweden flag and Netherland flag and the Sweden Map and Netherland Map.

Netherlands vs Sweden

Now Sweden is a country that has an area of four hundred fifty thousand two hundred ninety-five square kilometres and as of 2016, it's a population over nine million nine hundred ninety-five thousand four hundred people and it is estimated that it is already at ten million which makes it the 89th most Populous Country in the World through the density of 23.1 people per Square kilometre.

And of course, before we get into the cool achievements of this country we got to talk about Sweden's imports and exports. According to the OVC, it has 159 billion dollars in exports and 154 billion in imports. But Sweden is known for exporting machinery and electrical equipment Which makes up a majority of the exports coming in at forty-four point eight billion dollars this is stuff like Telephones, For clips. You name it they've done but refined petroleum makes up on its own 6.9% and its import well the machinery also makes up 40.2 with Crude petroleum coming in at 7.2 per cent

Now when we hear of Sweden, We like to probably say these people speak Swedish  now this Northern Germanic Language is a descendant of Old Norse language But the crazy part is this wasn't an official language until the country recognized it on July 1st 2009, but besides its language Sweden also has some really cool traditions.

Especially during Christmas for example since 1966 the town of Diablo has always put up a giant straw goat and unfortunately every single year this straw goat is always burned down and it's kind of an unacceptable tradition the funny part is although they keep an eye out for Vandals if the giant goat is burned down before December 13th it is rebuilt for the holidays.

Now Have you ever heard of the Ericsson globe it is a cool structure located in Stockholm, originally? It was called the Stockholm arena, and it is the large spherical building in the entire world. It has a diameter of 110 meters by 85 metres tall and can hold up to 16,000 people for spectacles and games, but that is really not the only thing that makes the Eriksson globe really important. This is probably one of my favourite facts of all of Sweden that I've heard of so far and the fact is that the Eriksson Globe represents the Sun.

And I never noticed that Sweden is home to the largest Scale model of the solar system in the entire world throughout the entire country the solar system is represented For example you have mercury being the Stockholm City Museum. Earth is represented for Kozma Nova Rix Musette and Stockholm and as for Pluto. It's located all the way out in the dell in lakes in Delta. It's crazy the model of the solar system takes up the entire country of Sweden.

It's so cool and because Sweden takes great pride in its country and because that it takes great care of its ecosystems and life and to prove that the country has 15 une Seo will tear sites with one still on the Consideration list but one of the most interesting ones is the stroke geodetic Arc which Sweden shares with many other European countries like? Germany and Belarus now this art was inscribed in 2005 and the interesting thing about it. It was built in 1816 to 1855 and it was a series obtained triangulation's going over 2250 kilometres And this was in order for scientists, Frederic George will hem bumps through here to get an exact reading of how large the Earth actually was.

Of course, when we talk about Sweden. We cannot forget about the famous ice hotel. The hotel that is completely made of ice even right down to the cup that you drink out of. It was first constructed in 1990 and Every Year it's always been rebuilt when it gets cold and the ice from the structure comes from the Tortilla river and all the ice makes the structure over sixty-four thousand six hundred square feet I've always wanted to go there, but I think it's really expensive.

One other fascinating thing about Sweden Is that it hasn't participated in any wars in the last two hundred-year?. This all happened after the Napoleonic wars which at the time Sweden had many conflicts with Russia, But the signing of the policy of 1812 was the beginning of its peace however the funny part is after the cold war Sweden has dropped its principle of neutrality and although is not mandatory among its people to this day they still continue to lower its military might.

When it comes to the history of Sweden its people have a great story And one of those famous stories is it is the first country to have a woman win a Nobel prize for literature. This was Selma Lagerlof who is a teacher and writer and not only was she the first woman to win for literature, She was the third woman to win a Nobel prize in history and let's not forget that since 1901 the Country is the country that gives out the Nobel peace prizes each year in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sweden is one of my favourite countries and we have just scratched the surface on this great country a country that has Led great contribution to the world and its development a Modernized country with heavy history and culture skating thousands of years ago This is Sweden a beautiful country a beautiful place where people know that peace and wisdom are true strength.

We've learned a lot about a new country and its people, I hope you will like this article and if you want to know more information please comment below

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