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we're happy to be exploring the country of Indonesia now this is a very unique country and you'll see exactly why I say that very soon Welcome back to another Article and this is a channel for you if you love learning about different countries cultures and people so go ahead and subscribe and also leave a comment down below on this article, if you love learning.

Okay so let's jump into the facts now

 I have ten surprising and interesting facts about Indonesia coming up right now starting at the fact
let's start with the name of Indonesia well the name Indonesia actually comes from the Latin word in dust meaning Indian and the Greek word nice O's meaning island Indonesia was originally called Indian archipelago or East Indies Island the name Indonesia was coined back in the 1850s by a man named James Logan, who was editor of Singapore published Journal of the Indian archipelago and eastern Asia and he used it as a short for the equivalent of the term Indian archipelago now check this but most older is flour on the planet is called the Amorphophallus titanium and this is found in Indonesia and it can grow to an average of about two meters high and when it blooms it actually releases this bad order that people compare it to rotten meat and the worst thing you don't get to be close to smell it you can be up to half a mile away and still smell this odour it's also known as the devil's tongue and it was originally discovered back in the year 1878 in a rainforest of the central Sumatra island by the Italian botanist and Explorer named Dr. Arora da Bukhari.

Indonesia also has the largest Muslim population in the entire world there's an estimated 225 million, Muslims living in Indonesia and that makes it the largest Muslim population in the world now most people around the world, probably think that Muslims are somewhere in the Arabic world but know a fraction of Muslims are actually Arab now despite Islam being the majority religion in Indonesia.
The Indonesian government also recognizes six religions even though they do allow religious freedom but those six main religions that they recognize are of course Islam products Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

 The country of Indonesia is also the largest island country in the entire world both in terms of its size, as well as its population and it, 's made up of more than 17,500 and four islands but about 6,000 of those islands are still uninhabited and now this is not to be confused with the largest a country that is an island which is Greenland now because Australia is classified as a continent those would be just like one island.

what I say by largest island country is that it's made up of multiple different islands to make up that one country I want to come to see Indonesia there are five major islands in the Indonesian archipelago an additional 30 smaller groups which are inhabited also, New Guinea and Sumatra are some of the largest islands in the world all in Indonesia now

Indonesia currency is rupiah if you convert Indonesia currency to INR then 0.0051 Indian rupees, if you bring Indonesia currency to India then you need to bring a large amount of money because of the less currency and when you convert Indonesia currency to USD then 0.000069 American Dollars and when it comes to money and finances and the rich and the poor there is a big gap between poor people and rich people in Indonesian society, so check this about half of the populations are estimated to live on less than $2 US per day. This is about the same as roughly 28-thousand Indonesia and rupiah, now the average wage in the country on a whole is just 280 dollars U.S.

Now an entire Indonesia there are 300 distinct ethnic groups with their own language and culture so it's very rich it's very diverse and the largest ethnic group are Japanese Sudanese Malay and Madre’s also another an interesting fact is probably one of the most interesting facts is that Indonesia is a very unique country like I mentioned but despite being a modern country and having a modernized capital city Jakarta experts actually estimate that there are still over a hundred uncontested tribes living in the rainforests of Indonesia now the majority of these isolated tribes are living on the island of New Guinea and other islands in the eastern part of the country nowadays being Jakarta is a capital city Indonesia is famous for Indonesia Bali.

 Did you know that Indonesia has the most amounts of volcanoes than any other country in the world, the country surpasses Japan it surpasses, the United States and that country is also number one in the world in terms of having the largest amount of active volcanoes now check out this Saki right here the Komodo dragon you've probably seen these animals before well yeah they can be found in Indonesia and they can actually eat humans whole yeah but yeah don't worry though you're probably not gonna run into these guys in the wild because they are protected and you can find them in the country's national parks specifically on the Komodo Island, which of course the dragon is named after the Komodo dragon is the world's largest living lizard. When you visit Indonesia there will be a language problem because Indonesia to English is quite difficult for them but they can understand everything that you say.

The final fact I want to share with you about Indonesia is, Indonesians are some of the world's shortest people on average so as facts say that the Netherlands is home to the tallest people in the world on average, you'll find the shortest people on average in Indonesia the average height of a person living in The Indonesian archipelago is 1.5 8 meters and that works out to be 5 feet and 1 inch tall.

all right guys so those are all the facts I have for you about Indonesia I know we explored a whole lot there's so much more to see and talk about for this country very fascinating isn't it so definitely I want to hear from you guys now sound off down below in the comment section what are your thoughts about Indonesia have you ever visited are you from Indonesia, let me know down below.

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